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Turning the light on for women all over the world with womb magic healing, wisdom and connection to spirit. Through centuries of time women have been healing with the use of their moon blood, creating life through pregnancy and also left to themselves on how to heal their own womb space from a miscarriage, post partum, traumatic birth, and sexual trauma, until now. I am here to serve as a channel of light for Source to flow through me to be of service to assist in the healing, nurturing and empowerment for women as they rediscover their sovereignty.


Creating a wave of womb consciousness resonance. As women, we often neglect how powerful, sensitive and creatively attuned our womb and heart centers are. They are the seat of our soul and the core of our divine feminine essence. Our wombs hold so much more than we can ever imagine, from past life emotions, soul contracts, generational disease, karmic ties and the keys to our most preciously desired manifestations. Through womb healing we are able to reset a balance to the energetic system of our beings and remove generations of shame and all negativity, leading to the rise of women empowerment. This creates a shift to self-mastery, transforming our relationships with our wombs. A rebirth of life from the inside out. 

Through Womb Magic Training’s, one on one sessions and practices with energetic boundaries, discernment allows us to experience what is ours and what is not ours emotionally. As we strengthen our core and boundaries, we are able to effortlessly magnetize the people, situations and frequencies that we most desire and use the light to help clear and remove all that does not serve our highest and greatest good. ~ All my love Venus

Womb Healing Sessions


Do you want to:

  • Release heavy trauma in your body, for good?

  • Prepare for a pregnancy?

  • Clear stagnant energy that makes you feel stuck or going in the same circles, same relationship patterns?

  • Cut cords to present, past and karmic life cycles for good and heal your ancestors as well?

  • Manifest from a place of love and heart?

  • Feel free like yourself again or for the first time, expressive, strong, sexy, beautiful?

I take it if your still reading than there is a strong YES for at least one of the above and a sign for you here.

Each quantum session is uniquely designed for you combing metaphysics, science and Reiki; leaving you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, empowered and reconnected to your womb space. Consistency is imperative above all else when it comes to healing the subconscious mind and light body.

This work is a commitment to health, excellence and a better way of living. It is advised because this work involves the subconscious mind which likes to stay comfortable, think of your current state of being it wants to stay there forever, 3 consecutive sessions recommended for optimal health. Studies indicated that it takes two weeks for the mind and body to reach a new state of being and level of awareness which creates lasting change through repetition.

Womb Therapy is great for:

- Sexual abuse/trauma

- Physical abuse

- Emotional abuse

- Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder  

- Chronic Pain

- Chronic Fatigue

- Stress and Tension Related Disorders

- Central Nervous System Disorders

- Preconception of child

- Post conception of child

- Miscarriage

- Heartbreak/loss

- Hormonal balance

- Sex addiction

Your investment starts here right now if you choose it.

Each session is $250

Once you have completed your unique blueprint session(s) outline, you are gifted a FREE followed up energy clearing session that will help you to integrate.

Schedule of Events


Kauai Hawaii June 2020

Join us for an amazing retreat in Hawaii! Womb Magic Retreat for women only coming June 2020. What a better way to manifest than in Hawaii with a group of empowered women on a super full moon. Here women will rediscover their creative power, connection and creativity with their heart womb space while learning about the phases of the moon and astrology shifts. Retreat includes a vegan chef catered meals for all dietary needs, beach house accommodations, guided yoga flow, meditation, journal prompting channeled group healing, full moon ceremony to manifest, releasing rooted negative emotions, heart and womb healing, hands on Reiki treatment, and the healing that comes with just being on the beautiful island of Kauai! This retreat will leave you feeling nourished, empowered and supported by a healing community of women for life! Space is limited as we are calling in 10 beauties for this retreat, deposit required. Early sign ups before December pay only 2,700 all others will pay 3,000. Space is limited so to reserve your spot email wombreiki@gmail.com.



High Priestess Rise

2 hr immersion into a Shamanic journey of womb healing and light codes for the priestess inside of you. This healing circle is for women and families who want to connect deeper to the mother within. Venus guides everyone who shows up on a journey and already in that you receive a healing exactly what your higher self is calling in that moment. She creates a safe container to hold you in where community, connection and unconditional love may be felt.

Womb Light Codes

2hr womb circle where you can show up as you are and receive the healing light code activation for your womb space. Venus will open up and channel from her guides and angels messages and group and one on one healings in this space. As always creating a safe container to hold you in where community, connection and unconditional love may be felt.


Rose Oil & Rose Quartz Roller ball

Love Now Rose Oil.jpg

Each roller ball called Love Now is made of glass, has a purple fluorite crystal inside and comes with a rose quartz roller ball! This is a little wand of magical and love that is felt immediately applying.

After working in the cosmetic industry for over a decade and discovering the power of sacred oils Venus created a product that infused your heart and womb space with so much love! Blessed by the moon, stars and infused with her energy, love and crystal healing properties.

Healing properties: Opening the heart chakra with each breath of rose blossom that has been soaking in Reiki healing energy along with rose and clear quartz helps the soul open to the vast beauty that is you.

ROSE is the highest vibrational essential oil operating at 352 MHz. Uplifting spiritually, mentally and emotionally balance, harmony and love. Rose gives a sense of security and creates spiritual attunement. It is widely used for skin due to its ability to oxygenate cells. Contains organic almond oil and therapeutic grade rose essential oil. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or disorder.
High Priestess Mantra:

I love the Goddess within me

I love every curve, every inch of my skin

I love my beautiful self

I am remembering my beauty and acknowledging it

To Use:

Apply morning on the heart center then the forehead, throat, inside of wrists & elbows, lower belly, inside of knees & instep of foot. Use whenever you are feeling a lift in your heart center.

Book a Session Here with Venus

All private sessions are non-refundable. If you are unsure about paying for the session, or have any questions, please contact Venus directly

Venus’s schedule does tend to get booked ahead, anywhere from 1-2 months in advance. You will need to purchase the session before you schedule with her online booking calendar. So, please be aware that once you pay for the session, there are no refunds. If you book a session, and something comes up where you need to reschedule, you can do this with Venus’s booking calendar, or contact her directly. Thank you!

Mothers and daughters together are a powerful force to be reckoned with.
— Melia Keeton-Digby
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