Meet Venus

Venus is a Shamanic Priestess that is deeply devoted to carrying the vibrational frequency healing for unconditional love. Her vast background of training includes a connection to the ethereal and celestial realms of Mary Magdalene, Sirian Galactic council of the 9th Dimension the consciousness where she receives information unique to each human and healing of the planet. She is a highly intuitive Reiki Master healer, a Master NLP practitioner, Theta practitioner and alchemist of love. Venus combines metaphysics, science and spirituality. She works with your shadow and light side to restore balance into your heart and womb space where the healing ripples through your family. Her intention is to be the clearest channel for Source on your journey of transformational healing. Empowering you on reconnecting with your authentic Goddess self, womb space and creative power you have in your life. She is here to guide you on successfully manifesting your heaven on earth, living your dreams out in this time space reality.

Throughout her journey of self healing she understands the process experiencing personal traumas, abuse and dis-empowerment growing up. She is extremely skilled in holding space for you to see yourself on all ends of the spectrum, creating a sacred space for awareness to unfold, being at cause verses effect for your life. Pruning the unhealthy leaves off the tree, with a chance the same leaf might grow back, she goes to the root of the problem rebuilding a solid foundation. With a solid, secure and nourished foundation you can start to live out your best life.

Venus’s love for you is experienced immediately upon interacting with her along with her unwavering bright light. She guides us to better understand ourselves, each other and the planet through compassionate healing, universal love and spreading the light!


Bachelor of Science Degree Framingham State University

Karuna Ki Reiki Master

Certified Yoga Instructor

NLP Master Practitioner

Master Hypnotherapy

TIME Techniques Master Practitioner

Master Success Coach

Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner

Akashic Records Practitioner

Theta Practitioner


“When you help heal a woman, you heal your family, community and the world”

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Unified by a love for the Earth and the people who live in it.


Connection & Love is everything.