Network of Healers

Shea Hardiman

Shea Hardiman is an Evolutionary Astrologer who is passionate about the planets and how they act as a map for your life. She offers natal chart readings that give insight around romance, career, past lives, soul evolution, ect. Shea loves the sense of peace and the clarity her clients receive from these sessions. The truth is there is a divine reason for everything, the planets have so much information for us we just need to ask and receive the divine guidance.


Amy Neil

Amy Neil is highly respected canine intuitive, teaching owners and trainers how to connect with dogs on a deeper, more spiritual level. Whether you need to drop off your dog, or you need help taming the beast, she can help! Amy is also the creator and founder of Zen Dog Online where she helps dog mom's step off the hamster wheel of guilt and into an exquisite brilliance inspiring you to teach your dog anything you believe you are capable of achieving as a team.


Erikaa Briones

Erikaa is a Spiral practitioner, writer, and the Founder of Sexy Soul Collective. Her mission is to invite creatives to share their dope art around love and sexuality inspired by the Hit Record community. She also aims to collaborate with other ethical and conscious brands like PMSbox. Erikaa’s passion is growth, beauty, and conscious love and sexuality. She’s known as a musical shaman amongst many other talents.