Womb Healing Sessions

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Do you want to:

  • Release heavy trauma in your body, for good?

  • Clear stagnant energy that makes you feel stuck or going in the same circles, same relationship patterns?

  • Cut cords to present, past and karmic life cycles for good and heal your ancestors as well?

  • Manifest from a place of love and heart?

  • Feel free like yourself again or for the first time, expressive, strong, sexy, beautiful?

I take it if your still reading than there is a strong YES for at least one of the above and a sign for you here.

Each session is uniquely designed for you combing metaphysics, science and Reiki; leaving you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, empowered and reconnected to your womb space. Consistency is imperative above all else when it comes to healing the subconscious mind and light body.

This work is a commitment to health, excellence and a better way of living. It is advised because this work involves the subconscious mind which likes to stay comfortable, think of your current state of being it wants to stay there forever, it is recommended to see Celia for 3 consecutive sessions. Studies indicated that it takes two weeks for the mind and body to reach a new state of being and level of awareness which creates lasting change through repetition.

Womb Therapy is great for:

- Sexual abuse/trauma

- Physical abuse

- Emotional abuse

- Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder  

- Chronic Pain

- Chronic Fatigue

- Stress and Tension Related Disorders

- Central Nervous System Disorders

- Preconception of child

- Post conception of child

- miscarriage

- heartbreak/loss

- hormonal balance

- sex addiction

Your investment starts here right now if you choose it.

Each session is $250

Once you have completed your unique blueprint session(s) outline, you are gifted a FREE followed up energy clearing session that will help you to integrate.

Heartfelt Shares

“Venus’s energy is the embodiment of love. You walk in and are immediately comfortable in her presence. She holds space beautifully. I was a little skeptical about reiki (even though I live and work with the spiritual world), but Venus definitely knows what she’s doing. Being on the table with her working on me was, from the start, incredibly relaxing. It felt like she had 4 hands, because her energy would linger even after she moved spots. I didn’t think I’d travel far, but I did. I have no idea where I went but at the end the smell of peppermint and her gentle voice brought me back into my body. I felt calm, at peace and ready for bed! The next day my body physically detoxed as I rested and rejuvenated. My energy doesn’t feel so stuck anymore and I’m finally feeling creative again. Needless to say, my views on reiki have definitely changed. I can’t wait for my next session. Highly recommended!”

— Taylor Carr. Women's Healing Arts Teacher

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“I had never been to a reiki healer before my session with Venus. She has beautiful energy and a soothing voice, and she truly embodies the high vibrational lifestyle she helps others to attain. Venus is incredibly knowledgeable and walked me through the process before she began so I knew what to expect - she made reiki very accessible when I didn’t know much about it. During my session, I could physically feel my energy moving around and I noticed a feeling of warmth around the areas she was working on. She was very intuitive and helpful - I wasn’t aware of my body’s need for energy healing, but I definitely feel a positive difference. Afterwards I felt relaxed and refreshed, as if I’d gotten a massage. Venus was also able to recommend a few local yoga studios and suggest other practices I can use to continue my journey to a more mindful lifestyle. Reiki is truly amazing and I’m so glad I finally took this first step to raising my vibration. I’m looking forward to my next session with her!”

— Jacquie Medeiros Personal Blogger

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Womb Reiki Practitioner Training

Become a WOMB REIKI™ Practitioner

What you will learn

Overall chakra system

Energetics of the womb chakra system

Clearing chakras

Balancing and harmonizing heart and womb chakra systems

Utilizing hands and third eye for energy healing

Utilizing sound, color and crystals

Crystal womb grids to optimize healing

Creating sacred high priestess space

Sending Reiki through the Mother energy gateways

Distance healing

Receive a high priestess womb attunement reconnecting you to the Mother energy

Receive Reiki Womb Certification

*Prerequisites Reiki level 1, 2, 3 and Master Training